Script Manager (1.6.2)

Execute scripts and programs, explore and browse files and multi terminal emulator.

Execution Functions:
  • Manage and execute shell scripts and programs in file system.
  • All executions run over vt100 terminal accepting user input and esc codes (colors, bel, cursor movement ..)
  • Run them at boot-up and on network status change possibility.
  • Schedule at selected time. (cron jobs)
  • Show graphical dialogs from running process.
  • Create widgets at desktop.
  • Show graphical dialogs.
  • Edit and create scripts, also create them from url.
  • Insert code in your scripts using QR codes.
  • Share execution output.
  • Bookmarks. Test SM_VERSION and/or SM_VERSIONCODE to know if is running inside SManager.
  • With root privileges you can also execute with superuser privileges.

File explorer Functions:
  • Browse all phone's file.
  • Open and edit all files associated to an application.
  • Click to execute scripts, and long t to edit, move,copy and rename files and directories
  • Multiselect function from different directories. (Ads version only support 7 selections from different directories. No limit if selections are in the same directory)
With root privileges you can also:
Root explorer
Root editor (Allow edit files with root privileges also usable by other applications. Configure "Browse as root" to use it with script manager or other application)
Open and edit ALL files regardless the permissions they have with selected application. Use CAREFULLY(Configure "Browse as root" in order to get this feature)

Console screen:
  • Volume Up: Mapped to Esc key.
  • Volume Down: Mapped to Enter key.
  • DPad press: Mapped to Control key. (Press and then press other key. Not simultaneous pressing required)

Enable "extra gestures" in config screen in order to send Home/End,del/tab,left/right,pgup/pgdown keys. This is very useful to execute shell and ssh connections.
If you get a lot of [[^ characters, is due you have "extra gestures" enabled and script/program doesn't process them. Use most right side of screen to send standard scroll event, or disable "extra gestures"

SManager does not launch executions until external storage is mounted.

Detected some programs/daemons (like dropbear) fails if has stdin closed. Try put "exec 0>&1" to reopen stdin in background executions.

Install on external storage: At this moment Android doesn't send on boot event to applications installed on external storage.


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